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Meet Taiwo Oyebola Agbona, Regent Of Aaye Town In Ondo State


Meet Taiwo Oyebola Agbona, Regent Of Aaye Town In Ondo State

Her Royal Majesty, Regent Taiwo Oyebola Agbona

As the first girl child, she is to stand in gap on the throne of her fore-fathers till the Senior traditional Chiefs (Afobaje) choose the next King for the town.
Tradition entails her to temporarily take over the rulership of her kingdom.
She has been on the throne for over a year so far.


A recent graduand of Achievers University, Owo Ondo State as been crowned as a Regent (Adele Oba) in Aaye town in ifedore Local Government, Ondo State
She was born into the Royal family of HRM Oba J. B Agbona, Orimoro 11, the Alaaye of Aaye( who transformed from mortality to immortality to join his ancestors on the 4th of may, 2017).
She studied Medical Laboratory Science (Heamatology).

She is also on social media and bears Royal_bliss on Instagram.

As a Regent, Her Majesty is forbidden to Kneel to any human, she must not have sexual intercourse, she must not eat in public, she must always be in male atire.

We wish Her Majesty successful reign…. Ase!!!!

Kábíyèsí ọ!!!!!


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