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Altar Boy Dies On The Spot After Building Fell On Him While Going Home From Church (Photo) – Daily Advent Nigeria

#Altar Boy Dies On The Spot

Altar Boy Dies On The Spot After Building Fell On Him While Going Home From Church (Photo) – Daily Advent Nigeria

A young altar server identified as Pascal Afodote from Our Lady Mother of Perpetual Help Catholic Church, Ajah in Lagos, has died in an unfortunate incident. According to reports, the deceased served the 6:30am and 8am mass in his parish on Sunday. On his way home after the mass, an uncompleted building fell on him. The said building was just 2 blocks from his house. He was immediately rushed to various hospitals. On arrival at the last hospital, he was pronounced dead and was brought back to the church were he last left. His funeral mass took place this morning in his parish.

Photo Credit; National Helm

It would be recalled that Brian Gergely’s body lay at his funeral mass just feet from where, in the same church, his revered priest had shattered his innocence and trust by molesting him when he was 10 years old.“The root of all his problems was what happened to him as a kid,” said John Luther, a friend and former schoolmate of Gergely’s at a Catholic elementary school in the small Pennsylvania town of Ebensburg.


The Altoona-Johnstown diocese adminstration building in Altoona, Pennsylvania.


Luther recalled that Gergely, an altar boy, would get pulled out of class and told to go to the church “to help the monsignor”.That was Father Francis McCaa, who was called a monster by a state grand jury in March. Its report concluded that he was among at least 50 priests in the local Altoona-Johnstown diocese who had systematically raped and molested hundreds of boys and girls for 40 years, while bishops covered it up and the criminal justice system looked the other way. McCaa died in 2007, at 82.

Gergely killed himself earlier this month at 46. He had battled alcoholism since he started drinking at 10, shortly after McCaa pinned him to the sacristy at Holy Name church and began several years of sexual abuse. Gergely went public in 2003 when he successfully sued the church and became something of a figurehead for victims in the area, having run a small support group in Ebensburg in recent years, friends said. His three siblings and parents sobbed at the funeral last Wednesday. In a mostly impersonal service, there were no eulogies, no mention of abuse. The current priest said, simply: “Brian was a just man.” A young altar girl and altar boy helped prepare holy communion, just as Gergely used to.

Source; National Helm/ The Guardian

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