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A Man From Arizona Designs a Hiking Wheelchair for His Disabled Wife, and Their Love Made Us Weak in the Knees


A Man From Arizona Designs a Hiking Wheelchair for His Disabled Wife, and Their Love Made Us Weak in the Knees

What would you do for love? You’ve probably heard stories about the best proposals, sacrifices people have made, and people expressing their feelings in a genuine way. Yet none of them can beat the love that makes the impossible possible.

We at Bright Side have found a new love story for you that will redefine your notion of love.


Liz and Brad were raising 3 sons together in Arizona. Life was going great until one fateful day on August 15, 1999 the family was driving in their truck when the left front tire blew out, and they had a tragic accident.

Thankfully their sons managed to get away with minor bruises and Brad suffered a broken leg, but Liz’s life saw a major turnaround when doctors informed her that she would be paralyzed from the waist down for life. It was devastating for the entire family. Especially for Liz, whose life would never be the same.

Love triumphed easily here and Brad proposed to his girlfriend Liz at a time when she was thinking that Brad might choose a ’normal girl’ over her. They were not married yet and Brad thought this was just the right time for it. He wouldn’t leave Liz because he loved her. But if you thought that was the happy ending, there is more.

Brad’s couldn’t bear see the woman he loved in pain and suffering. He hated seeing her sad because of her situation. Before the accident, Liz was a happy go lucky woman and her favorite hobby was hiking. But after her injury, she couldn’t physically do it. And, Brad got another opportunity to prove his love for her.

Having experience as maintenance technician who was responsible for maintaining and cleaning tanks, Brad got an idea. He wasn’t sure if it would be successful or not, but he wanted to give it a try. An interesting thing to note here is that Brad had no prior engineering education. Nevertheless, he got into the garage and began his project to create something more than a wheelchair for Liz.

Time passed and both Liz and their neighbors got used to the noises coming from the garage, while Brad got used to his exhaustion and sometimes being a little discouraged too. But he didn’t give up. He had to win it for the love of his life. His aim was to build a silent, electric engine that could help Liz move around anywhere with ease, even in slippery areas.

As Brad told the Washington post, “People who design wheelchairs generally design them for getting around inside of a building or a home. For that, they’re great since they don’t damage carpets or flooring, but it also means they want you to basically just exist, but not to live.”

He worked hard for several months to build this unique wheelchair. After several trials and errors, he finally managed to build his intended product. This powerful wheelchair could move almost anywhere — up and down sidewalks, through water, over rough terrain; it could even tackle sand, ice, and snow.

Aside from pleasing Liz, his work was also acknowledged by the heads of a high-tech company called NPC Robotics. The all-terrain wheel chair tank was used as a model by the company to create a prototype. And Liz was happy. She now had a wheelchair that was quiet, fast, and made for off-road driving.

The wheelchair soon became a huge success. In the beginning, each wheel chair was priced at around $15,000. But Brad was determined to provide it to ex-military veterans for free. The popularity of these chairs was so huge that there was a 3 month waiting list to get them. Liz was equally elated, “It made it where I could go out and go hiking and camping. When we went to the snow, I would sit in the car. Now I can get out, and I can chase my kids around, and I can go with them. Just the hiking and getting out—I’m not a prisoner anymore in the car or in the house.”

Several versions of the wheel chair were produced and sold. One included a fishing rod, one included a built-in text-to-speech speaker system for someone who’s vocally-impaired, and one interesting model worked like a police car. It had sirens and an LED “Incapacitator” that disarms suspects by using pulsating light to induce vomiting and other debilitating symptoms. It took 2 years, $50,000 in out-of-pocket expenses, and lot of blood, sweat, and patience that only Brad knows.

Brad has another worry now — not being able to keep up with Liz during family hiking trips. But when he sees Liz smile, he doesn’t mind falling behind.

Has this story moved you? Share your emotions in the comments below.

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