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A Man Changed His Life After the Shower Floor Broke Under His Weight. Now He Is a Disney Prince Look-Alike


A Man Changed His Life After the Shower Floor Broke Under His Weight. Now He Is a Disney Prince Look-Alike

When you look at the picture of this man today, you can’t help but notice how healthy and fit his body looks. Umar Malik is just so handsome and looks like Prince Charming. However, a couple of years ago, he was far from being healthy and he didn’t consider himself to be attractive. This is a story about the hard hard work behind every ideal body.

And we at Bright Side were inspired by the story of the young man who has transformed himself from someone who was overweight to someone who is a socially active personal trainer.


Umar Malik grew up in one of those families where a child is motivated to eat a lot. He always had a good appetite and wanted to be a good kid. As Umar grew older, he was still used to eating a lot.

Before 2014, the young man consumed 7,000 calories per day. He used to eat 10 toasts and 8 eggs every morning. And he never limited himself when it came to sweets, chips, or soda. This diet caused him to reach size 6XL by the age of 26.

He couldn’t even weigh himself as the scale wouldn’t work under his body weight. Also, he had problems finding and buying clothes his size. As a teenager, Umar had to share his father’s wardrobe. But the worst thing was that his weight kept him from feeling comfortable enough to socialize.

In 2014, Umar was at home showering when his shower floor broke under his weight. It just couldn’t support it any longer and the water leaked into the kitchen. This was the life-changing signal that Umar needed to start making some major changes to his lifestyle.

Since 2015, Umar Malik has been going to the gym. He does cardio as well as strength training. He has a personal trainer who helped Umar develop a weight loss program and helps him stay motivated to work hard every single day.

Besides the extensive training, Malik has significantly altered his eating habits. He reduced the number of calories to 3,000 per day. Also, now he eats 6 small regulated meals. Umar’s diet consists of chicken, berries, vegetables, salmon, and other healthy foods.

But having even the healthiest diet and the best personal trainer still means that you will have to work a lot on your own. And in the beginning, Umar recommends that you learn to believe. “Whatever you want to achieve in life, all it takes is a little faith. Faith in yourself, faith in your abilities, and faith that you have the strength to realize your ambitions,” he says.

All these changes helped Umar Malik to get his perfect body by November 2017. Apart from his body size, his whole life has turned upside down. As a teenager, he would go to the gym to isolate himself from the world. Today, he works at one of the most popular gyms as a trainer.

Umar meets a lot of people at work and he helps them become the best version of themselves. He says that now he feels much more confident and loves meeting new people. In Malik’s Instagram, you can see photos of him enjoying his work, as well as pictures of his new body.

Malik never stops training. He wants even more positive changes in his body. He is now wearing a size 3XL. He has already lost 169 lb but he believes that there’s still room for improvement.

Do you know other people who changed their lives by losing weight? Please, share your story in the comments section below!

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