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7 Online Businesses You Can Start Today With $0 Investment!

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7 Online Businesses You Can Start Today With $0 Investment!

  1. Start a Blog:


Starting a blog is one of the best things you can do online because it is similar to a shop where you display several products for customers to make their choices. On your blog, you can get paid via the following:

  1. Sell ad spaces + display adsense
  2. Make sponsored posts and reviews
  3. Display affiliate products
  4. Paid memberships/premium content
  5. Sell e-courses and other digital products
  6. Offer consulting services; and the list goes on.

As you can see, being a blog owner is a very rewarding venture. And it s FREE to own one… Just head over to or and create your free account to get started. PS: Here’s a FREE Guide on How to Create a Professional Website in 30 Minutes.

  1. Sell Your Services, Skills or Expertise Online:

You will agree with me that every person on earth has one special skill/talent which s/he is a professional at. What is that special skill you are good at? Can you cook delicious meals? Can you teach in an engaging manner? Can you sing like an angel? Are you a professional graphics’ designer? Are you good at counseling others? What about musical instruments, can you play them harmoniously? Do you know how to organize events/stuff very well? Can you…? Etc…

If you answered “YES” to any of the aforementioned, “CONGRATULATIONS” because there are several clients online who are desperately searching for someone like you to help them solve their problems while they pay you handsomely in return. That’s right! Whatever skills you have, just head over to,, or & list your services there… I’m sure you’ll thank me later 🙂


  1. Affiliate Marketing:

This is one of the most-lucrative online ventures you can ever do because of its flexible nature. All it takes is for you to;

  1. Register an account with, or
  2. Search for any product which captures your eyes & has some proven conversion results (sales gravity)
  3. Request to promote it by filling details about how you intend to drive traffic to the offer.
  4. As soon as you are approved and have your unique link, head over to your blog (#1 above) and write some review about it.

P.S. You can also share the links on your facebook wall and groups. Another way to get sales is to make a YouTube video review of the product & include your link in the description box below it.


  1. Start a YouTube Channel:

Do you know that YouTube is currently the second largest existing search engine? Why not leverage that as a tool to promote your affiliate links and even sell your own digital products? Starting a YouTube channel is FREE, just head over to & sign in using your account.

  1. Sell Your Own Digital Products:

This business model has a lot of advantage because 98% marketers do not use it & therefore, only the 2% who utilize it earn revenue from it. “Why should I create my own digital products?” you may ask. It’s simply because those lazy 98% marketers are ever ready to become your affiliates and do all the hard-work of searching for buyers (free traffic) for your products.

How easy?

Imagine that you created a $100 product from which you pay $30 as commission for each sale every affiliate makes; and you have 100 marketers who signed up as affiliates. If each of these 100 affiliates sells just 10 of your product, how much would you have earned?

 Let’s Do The Math…

$100 (product price)  –  $30 (Affiliate commission)  =  $70 (commission for you)

$70 commission  x  100 affiliates  x  10 sales

=  $70,000

OMG! Did you just see that?

  $70,000 cash moolah!

Just by creating 1 product!


What if you created 10 or even 100 products?

What if each of your affiliates make more than 10 sales?

What if you have more than 100 affiliates?

Can you see the power of creating your own products? Stop wasting your time staring at the figures above! Get on your feet right now and create your first digital product at or


  1. Start a Viral Instagram Account:

Shhh! Instagram is one of the latest trending business site where marketers are smiling to the bank really hard every minute… (Don’t tell anybody J). How does it work?

  1. Create a new account & choose a niche you are interested in e.g. luxury cars.
  2. Switch the account to a “Business Account” under “Settings”. This way you can always view detailed statistics about the account.
  3. Add some cool description of what your account is about in your “Profile settings”.
  4. Don’t add any link in your bio until you have 2,000+ followers.
  5. Head over to & download images of as many luxury cars as you can.
  6. Post the images 3-5 times daily on your Instagram channel and include related hashtags in each post description. Also respond to every new comment on your posts.
  7. When your account reaches 10,000+ followers, the feature of adding Swipes and others are unlocked for you, so you can begin selling shoutouts (Charge $50+/story or shoutout)


  1. Start a Print-On-Demand (POD) Business:

I love this one so much because all it takes is for you to design a t-shirt, mug, etc based on a latest trend and advertise it to people involved in the trend. Then, as soon as they place an order for the shirt by paying for it online, you earn a commission. Isn’t that so simple? Get over to TeeSpring & begin to cash your POD moolah. Note: You can target the trend communities using Facebook adverts J.

Congratulations for Reading Thus Far!

For being awesome & reading to the end of this guide, I am giving you

2 Weeks FREE Access to ClickFunnels… (Click Image Below)

[Shhhh!!!! I earn over $1,000 monthly using this program]



Successful people do what others think of doing tomorrow.” – Unknown

And “‘OPPORTUNITIES’ are usually disguised as ‘HARDWORK’: so, most people don’t recognize them.” – Ann Landers

“Whoever follows patience, success will follow him.” – Unknown


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