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14 Movie Clichés We See So Often, We Start to Believe Them


14 Movie Clichés We See So Often, We Start to Believe Them

When watching a movie, many of us get a feeling that we’ve already seen it before. And oftentimes, in a couple of hours, we end up remembering a bunch of other movies with plots and scenes that were almost exactly the same!

Here at Bright Side, we decided to look back at some popular movie and TV show clichés that are shown so often that audiences have stopped noticing them.


1. A “cursed” photo

It’s been seen in many movies: heroes talking about their plans for the future during battle scenes, and they don’t end up living much longer. Moreover, if a character is looking at an old photo of their family remembering nice moments, they will be killed in the next episode for sure.

2. Healing blankets

As surprising as it may sound, if an ambulance arrives to help the characters in a movie, the first thing they do is cover the heroes with blankets. And it doesn’t matter how severe these people’s injuries are, the first aid is always a blanket. The rest will come later.

3. The Cinderella effect

If you’re an ordinary girl from a poor family dreaming about having a beautiful life and waiting for true love, then you’re the lucky one. You’ll definitely meet your prince charming by the end of the movie, recreate yourself, and make your biggest dreams come true. Of course, you’ll face some obstacles on the way to your happiness but rest assured your story will have a happy ending.

4. A wonderful transformation

Perhaps there are no ugly women in Hollywood — just those who haven’t fully revealed themselves. If you aren’t very attractive, don’t feel upset because there’s a high chance that you’ll get to go through a magical transformation and become a true beauty. And if you happen to be the most beautiful girl among your friends, it means you’ll be the one who will open up the world of fashion and style for your not-so-attractive friends.

5. A good cop is a divorced cop.

Criminal and detective movies often depict good cops as lonely guys protecting order in the city. He is either single and living in a bachelor pad or he was dumped by his wife who left him for another man with their shared kid. This is all because this job is the highest priority for a good cop, while his family always comes in second. Moreover, these guys often tend to overcome stress at work by using some forbidden and often illegal methods.

6. Fetishist maniacs

Very often, maniacs in movies and TV series suffer from some mental disorder — who would use a saw outside to scare people when being of sober mind, anyway? Additionally, they often lack logic and keep a bunch of pieces of their crimes’ evidence at home. Very often, these characters have a special visual board or wall where they stick different strange photos and look at them for hours.

7. Young female scientists

Movie laboratories are often extremely sterile and equipped with the latest technology. There’s usually a lot of glass and white color in them. Moreover, you’ll hardly ever see an “auntie” working there — all female laboratory workers are neat, attractive, well fit, and often young. The women of older ages can be seen extremely rarely — perhaps because they retire at the age of 40 in such secret laboratories.

8. A not-single hero

If you’re attractive and are the main hero of a crime thriller, you won’t go without a cool girlfriend. If there is no girlfriend at the beginning of the movie, you’ll definitely get her by the end.

9. Experts of disguise

Here is a life hack from criminals and those who want to change their appearance: if you’re hiding from someone and want to stay unnoticed, the best solution is to wear sunglasses. By putting them on, you’ll instantly become invisible, unnoticeable, and extremely cool. Another thing that can make you invisible is a regular baseball cap.

10. Amazing weather properties

There are no half measures in movies — if it is raining, it will be raining cats and dogs so that the heroes don’t have time to hide and get completely wet. If there is thunder, it will be accompanied by lightning that will illuminate the area of several feet. If it’s nighttime, it will definitely be a full moon — perhaps because the moon adds drama and mystery to scenes.

11. The one who can’t keep silent dies sooner.

If a secondary character informs the main character over the phone that they have an important piece of information and asks to meet up to explain everything, they definitely won’t survive to do so. If they manage to live till the meeting, they won’t be able to relay the information anyway because they’ll likely die in the arms of the main hero.

12. A game that grows into real feelings

A game in love is one of the most famous plots for romantic movies and comedies. The heroes are usually just good friends who decide to “date”. Eventually, the game grows into reality and they fall in love with each other.

By the way, if the main heroes hate each other at the beginning of a movie, there’s a high chance they’ll end up together by the end of it.

13. Unbelievable cars

The things that happen with cars in movies used to amaze motorists, but today, everything that cars do go completely against the laws of logic. According to these movies, there is nothing simpler than to steal a car by connecting 2 already stripped wires, while an accident or a couple of pistol shots to a car are likely to end in an explosion.

14. The final kiss

The final kiss that takes place with a beautiful scene in the background — is there anything as sweet and as standard as this?

What other movie clichés have you noticed? Please tell us about them in the comments!

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